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May 25, 2013
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May 26, 2013

17 Years Apart

canada goose clearance sale No social media links or personally identifiable information. more My coworker boyfriend has a “divorce” turtle that he got after his marriage fell apart about 10 years ago. That turtle is fucking amazing, most dog like turtle I ever met. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats on sale When you enter the house, he immediately waddles/shuffles up to you and rubs your ankles for a head pet or scratch or something. The turtle has a ramp he takes to the backyard where he feasts on strawberry bushes and takes naps under the bushes. Sometimes he oversleeps and canada goose outlet trillium parka black everyone panics, but once his owner calls his name he shuffles over. He couldn even canada goose outlet locations in toronto swim in it as it made for reptiles and can only hold 4″ of water with the filter in place. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Parka Fortunately we had a 55 gal. that we weren using. What we hadn counted on when we agreed to take it was that red eared sliders need much more filtration, lighting and canada goose outlet washington dc heating requirements than fish. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Outlet After canada goose outlet online reviews some research and around $140 on canada goose outlet real Amazon, our “free” turtle is happily swimming in his new canada goose discount uk home. Hopefully this will extend his life canada goose outlet online store review by a good number of years. Like others here have said, they definitely don compare to mammals when it comes to forming bonds with their owners, but turtles do seem to have personalities (turtlenalities?) and can be quite amusing. They goose outlet canada can get canada goose outlet price really excited about food and their clumsiness while they are young is canada goose outlet in chicago hilarious. Turtle) would have never survived in the wild canada goose vest outlet due to his canada goose outlet parka clumsiness. We would occasionally catch canada goose outlet winnipeg address insects for him and pull off various body parts to prevent the insects escape. Even with that extra help, Mr. Turtle would canada goose outlet canada often whiff completely when trying to make a killing blow. A couple times we caught grasshoppers that were too big for Mr. Turtle to take on and they would terrorize him a bit by clinging to his face and riding him around like the Left4Dead 2 Jockey. Feeding canada goose outlet paypal him worms was especially fun to watch, canada goose shop uk because canada goose clothing uk even though they were clearly his favorite tasting food (you could tell by how excited he would get when he saw one), he was terrified of the worms that wiggled too much and would sometimes spend half an hour or more alternately hiding in his shell from the wriggly worm and being coaxed out by the tempting deliciousness that awaited him. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose Eventually, we realized Mr. canada goose outlet website legit Turtle had stopped growing in the dry fish tank we kept him in and we moved canada goose outlet montreal him outside to a pen we constructed out of chicken wire. Over the next few months, he had a major growth spurt and grew large enough to bend the chicken wire under his weight and escape into the wild. I was a bit sad that he was gone, but during the next year spring he returned to our back porch practically begging for worms. We caught him a bunch of worms and Mr. Turtle excitedly followed us around the yard as we dug them up. He stuck around for canada goose outlet online uk a couple canada goose outlet ottawa of hours until he had eaten his fill. I never forget the way he just stared at my dad and I for a while after he finished eating, like he was trying to say thanks in his own way. More likely he was just digesting. Either way, canada goose outlet in new york Mr. Turtle came back every spring after that for the next several years and each canada goose outlet legit time we would feed him more worms. It was clear he was much less clumsy from his time in the wilderness and probably only came to us for a post hibernation feast. canada goose

canada goose I not entirely sure what happened to Mr. Turtle. One spring he never showed up and by the next spring I had moved away for college and my parents canada goose outlet phone number had moved into a new house. But with that being said they can be oddly social despite being solitary in the wild. I lived with a 25ish year old California desert tortoise for 4 years now and that guy loves to come in the house and hang out. He even has a favorite canada goose outlet in vancouver sleeping closet. At least twice a week I glance over at beachcottage the slider and there a tortoise pressed up against the glass, just waiting. He comes in and cruises around the house, trailing dirt canada goose outlet and sand everywhere, and then I open the door a few hours later and out he goes. I guess the most affection he shows is his habit of coming over and sitting on my feet. I love that tortoise canada goose.

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