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June 26, 2013
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June 27, 2013

Fox And Professor Larry Schweikart Urge Pitchfork Gang To

cheap jordans 3 I can’t take credit for the peasants with pitchfork metaphor. As a visual, it was used in the old Frankenstein movies when the cheap jordans shoes crazed, local peasantry attacked the castle where the “monster” was lurking. But it came into the vernacular courtesy of rabidly, right wing conservative (and pundit for “liberal” MSNBC). During his run for the republican nomination for president in 1996, he told a rally that they and their fellow pitchforkers were striking fear into the heart of Pat’s opponent Bob Dole: “They hear the shouts of the cheap jordans in china peasants from over the hill. All the knights and barons will be riding into the castle pulling up the drawbridge cheap jordans from china in a minute. All the peasants are coming with pitchforks.” (The right wing does love its medieval battle imagery!) But in keeping with the movie motif, one could say that Fox does seem to provide fodder for those who are “doing battle” with whomever Fox designates Cheap jordans as the enemy du jour. In the cheap jordans free shipping case of Fox it’s those lying liberal textbooks cheap air jordan that have been deemed anathema by Chief Inquisitor, University of Dayton Professor, Larry Schweikart. But in the last couple of weeks, the standing army has been given orders and the pitchfork gang is on the move. cheap jordans 3

best place to buy jordans cheap The pitchfork Krewe was mobilized on February 19th when the Foxettes, without Larry, did a segment on how appalling these liberal lies are. In order to reinforce the propaganda from the day before, they referenced the books which were dissed by Schweikart, the day before. Not surprisingly they reiterated that Phyllis Schafly was a housewife despite what the nasty, bad book said. (Is Gretchen a “housewife?”) They then showed a picture of the publisher cheap Air max shoes with contact information and urged the gang to write a letter cheap nike shoes of protest about the cheap jordans on sale book that “got it all wrong.” (One does wonder about the lucidity level of the forthcoming missives!). The really cheap jordans on sale funny thing is that MENSA cheap air force member cheap jordans china Steve Doocy claimed that the book said that the ERA failed. Doocy forgot that, only the day before, Schweikart said that the book did note that the ERA failed but the problem was cheap jordan sneakers that the photo of Schafly didn’t note said failure. The lil pals then identified other publishers as targets for the wrath of the mob especially the publisher of an cheap yeezys American History book that didn’t mention world wide Islamic terrorism. Doocy wanted to know how our next generation will know about history if it’s not right. (Comment: Funny, Doocy doesn’t seem to care about the lack of accuracy of Fox News so I guess the next generation, if they watch Fox, won’t know anything.) Interestingly, the cheap jordans sale video for this segment is on Phyllis Schafly’s “Eagle Forum” website. best place to buy jordans cheap

cheap jordans trainers Last week, February 25th, was more of the same. Doocy proclaimed that every week they “expose textbooks and who is responsible.” (Comment: what’s next, “show trials,” to be aired on Fox, of these partisan publishers?) In “Creating America” it was written that “the Plymouth settlement celebrated the blessings of a good harvest by holding a three day feast. cheap jordans online It was the first thanksgiving.” Doocy said that there is a major problem in that God wasn’t mentioned and asked, “Why would they leave that out.” Schweikart responded that it’s “to make it seem like religion has nothing to do with it. At least a dozen of these example show how they discuss pagan gods but don’t include anything related to Judean Christian tradition.”(Comment: this has to be THE MOST STUPID criticism so far. The Pilgrims were devout Protestants. Schweikart got another segment, after the break, in which he took one sentence, from United States History, to launch into a discussion of what the Hillary Clinton health care plan was really all about (“fining” people). Schweikart used “A History of The United States” to blither about term limits and “The Contract For America.” More publishing information was shown with insulting chyrons under the newjordon pictures. (The CEO of one firm has “pushing propaganda” under his.) Doocy whined about how this “drives me nuts, I’ve got one kid in high school and cheap adidas I assume she’s learning facts and once again, this is clearly a distortion.” (Comment: This is a MENSA hall of fame moment for Doocy. If he’s afraid of what his kid is learning, then why doesn’t he check the textbooks. If this is a problem, then have Mrs. Happy home school the kid or enroll her in a suitable private/parochial school. Quit yer bitching) cheap jordans trainers

buy cheap jordans from china Comment: The pitchfork gang is storming the evil bastions of liberal education. The culture war is on! It would make great fodder for an updated Frankenstein movie which Rupert Murdoch’s film industry could produce buy cheap jordans from china.

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