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August 23, 2013
This situation is not limited to the weekly makeshift markets
August 24, 2013

Now, get in there and apply this fix that the devs tested in a deck of cards and if you mess up and take down production, you have 15min to get it back online.throwawaymcgrowaway 16 points submitted 5 months agoWhen GOT started, HBO was just about the only network offering relatively uncensored creative license to TV series. In the years since, you had Netflix, Amazon and Hulu streaming services come on the scene as well as networks like FX, AMC, and even now USA and TNT to an extent loosen their restrictions to level the playing field.What continues to set HBO apart is the quality of the content they been putting out for 20+ years now. Shows that HBO chooses to produce range from very good to one of the best shows I ever seen.

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