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December 23, 2013
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December 24, 2013

Pretzel logic on the Big Story

cheap jordans online David Asman subbed cheap jordans sale for vacationing John cheap jordans from china Gibson on the cheap jordans in china Big Story today 12/28/05. cheap jordans online

jordans for cheap online free shipping Asman addressed Smith first, asking if his client wasn’t a perfect example of who the government should be wiretapping. Smith replied sure, as long as it’s done legally, and in his opinion it wasn’t. justified, when he knew Smith was cheap nike shoes calling the spying unwarranted meaning done without a proper judicial warrant. Faris is appealing his case because his previous attorney did not Cheap jordans determine if evidence was acquired through wiretaps, claiming his representation wa ineffective. jordans for cheap online free shipping

cheap quality jordans Asman turned to Toensing, asking if it was warranted in the legal sense. She prefaced her answer by saying that it’s ironic that someone (Faris) who has admitted to plotting to blow down the Brooklyn Bridge is the type of cheap jordans shoes person whose activities most Americans hope our cheap jordans for sale government was keepng on top of. Speaking legally, she would be surprised if he were surveilled under the FISA program cheap air jordan and presumably was tapped under T3 (criminal) warrants. If he was wiretapped under FISA, for the sake of argument, it would only be a legal issue in his appeal IF the information garnered was relevant to his prosecution. cheap quality jordans

cheap jordans grade school She turns the discussion cheap jordans free shipping to Smith’s case specifically, saying Cheap jordans it is a moot point since Faris pleaded guilty, comparing him to Aldrich Ames and saying they both waived the FISA issue when they pled guilty. cheap jordans grade school

jordans cheap price Toensing declined to answer if that was legall if it was done to Faris, saying she didn’t know where he was and didn’t have all the cheap jordan sneakers facts. Smith says he plans to make the case that Faris was surveyed under thie secret NSA program, not within the parameters of the FISA law which allow warrantless wiretaps but require warrants issued after the fact. Toensing again cheap adidas brings up the issue that Aldrich Ames pled guilty and thereby waived his right to protest Bill Clinton’s warrantless searches of his home (2nd time BC is brought up for justification/comparison the “he did it first” variation of the “everybody does it” excuse.) Smith says his cheap air force client has a different case, that of ineffective counsel, and Toensing says “Well good luck with that.” jordans cheap price

cheap jordan shoes online Asman asks, isn’t he glad Faris was caught before he cheap jordans china blew up the bridge? Smith says, if that’s what he did, and Asman erupts cheap yeezys “He admitted it!” Smith says, believe it or not, there are grave doubts that he ever surveyed the Brooklyn Bridge at all. Asman is muttering, all right.” and Toensing says, are you saying he lied in court? and Smith surprises her by saying “It’s entirely possible.” She says well, that’s another interesting issue, isn’t it? and Asman ends the segment. cheap jordan shoes online

cheap jordans us Comment: The subject just slip slided away, from the contested legality of Bush’s actions, to the outcome of wiretapping in one specific case, but with the added twist nikefacebook.com that illegal wiretapping was not part of the prosecution. Are we confused yet? Be prepared to cheap jordans online see cheap jordans on sale other examples trotted out to prove that the spying has resulted in convictions, even if it hasn’t. It has had good results, but he really didn’t do it. They’re defending the use of illegal tactics with “ends justify the means” case studies, while simultaneously denying anything illegal took place cheap jordans us.

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