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April 19, 2014
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April 19, 2014

Pennyroyal Mint

Of all the edible flowers and plants out there, there is one that sticks out to me as both extremely useful, and yet so feared for its potency at times that it seems people shy away from using it even though it could really help in terms of living a sustainable lifestyle. I think, just like anything with natural medicine, one must take a scientific approach before deciding one way or another on a plant being a useful to them or a specimen to keep away cheap jordans for sale china from and simply acknowledge.One of the lesser known and most potent members cheap jordans kicks sale of the mint family, pennyroyal is a very poignant flowering plant whose dried leaves and oil have numerous uses by people both present and in the buy cheap jordans online real past.A member of the Lamiacea family, Pennyroyal was used as a culinary herb, folk remedy, insect repellant , and emmenagogue (or menstrual flow stimulant) among the Greco Roman and European cultures. Frequently cheap jordan websites with free shipping misunderstood cheap jordans china , the essential oil of Pennyroyal can be used in aromatherapy, but if ingested, can be highly toxic to humans and animals affecting liver and uterine functions.Despite this fact, in the past dried leaves of Pennyroyal were actually used as a cooking herb and flavor for wines by the Greeks and cheap jordans size 13 Romans. Even in the Medieval Ages, the leaves were used to flavor pudding. As English settlers colonized Virginia, the herb was widely relied upon for pest eradication and as a tea that would treat many conditions and disease such as smallpox and tuberculosis.Although in the modern day, pennyroyal could probably not stand a chance against RAID or other cans of mosquito repellant or bug killer, the flowering herb does have many utilities I would like to at least speak of due to its usefulness.Insect Repellant: I have personally used pennyroyal essential oil as a way of preventing mosquitos from biting me, as they are very prone, and have had a good amount of success. Since I wear it on the skin, it has never bothered me, but I would not recommend contacting any hand that touches or rubs the oil to the cheap jordans real shoes mouth, for the oil can be toxic even in very small doses.Aromatherapy: Pennyroyal has a very potent mint scent to it. This can be used in aromatherapy to help clear up a cold, flu, or just making a place smell really, really clean.Pest Control: Although I have used pennyroyal essential oil before to clear out some buy cheap authentic jordans online unwanted fleas brought in by my dog, I would advise caution on where you dabble it and how much. Since the oil is toxic to humans and animals, it is personally recommended that you use it only on items or in ways cheap jordans dhgate that no one or furry family member will ingest. Otherwise, it really does the trick in sending those fleas packing! They can’t stand the stuff.Pennyroyal was used famously in the past as a menstrual flow stimulant and an abortifacient or abortion inducer. It where to get cheap jordans was usually turned into a tea, cheap jordans from china or some women have even taken the essential oil buy air jordans cheap down directly. This is most certainly NOT RECOMMENDED, as multiple deaths have been cheap jordans youth attributed to an overdose of even a minute quantity of this plant’s oil. When it comes to uses involving this plant’s potent properties taken internally, I cannot recommend any use other than the three listed above, for as of now I have not heard of any very cheap jordans safe dosage amount to be used by people of this plantIf one were to ask me about what I thought in regards to Pennyroyal, I would say that I think it cheap jordans china is one of the most intriguing members of the mint family. Its strong scent and potency as well as the curious authentic retro jordans for sale cheap history it has had through its uses have jordans for sale cheap and real made it a plant that is quite memorable. Around my home, very cheap jordans online I frequently carry a bottle of pennyroyal essential oil in my medicine cabinet since discovering cheap jordans online real it during my days of studying ethnobotany in college. I have found it to be cheap jordans online very useful at times, and if you are a fan of natural replacements for things such as bug spray, this might be a convenient plant oil for you.Here is a link to Eden’s Garden Pennyroyal Oil for you to check out. It consistently has satisfaction ratings of 5/5 and is therapeutic grade:For more reading, there are books I recommend out there such as The Complete Book of Essential Oils Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood that go in depth to the benefits and uses of essential oils like cheap jordans youth size Pennyroyal.

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