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October 22, 2014
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October 27, 2014

Ben Wallace It’s great to see guys being able to move around and take full control of their career

I dont think he meant basketball wise it was the hardest road. I think he meant interacting with the people and that his legacy would canada goose parka uk change.I mean dude is playing on a team where canada goose factory outlet hes hands https://www.scrubsuniforms.ca/ canada goose jacket outlet down the best player canada goose jacket outlet uk on you could check here it and people still discredit his role on that team. “KDs alright but Steph is the REAL engine” “KD is cool but Draymond is the heart and soul” “Klay Thompson is who Steph really needs because he doesnt mess up the flow like KD”Why should the players have FULL CONTROL though?Players have the ability to control where they go during free agency, but when you sign a contract then that canada goose outlet in uk has to mean canada goose outlet factory something. Kawhi signed a 5 year contract with a player option after 4 years. He didn have to sign that contract.If you sign a canada goose outlet store montreal deal for four years, then that where you are committed for four years. You want to choose where you play each year? Sign only 1 year contracts. You giving up long term security for flexibility. You can have it all, there a tradeoff there. In most job markets, labor is a resource to be canada goose outlet locations in toronto exploited, turning workers into commodities. Contracts, then, canada goose jacket uk are an agreement that labor will continue to be compensated at the agreed upon rate or scale for either the duration of its term. People are allowed to quit, canada goose premium outlet employers are allowed to terminate. But traditionally, a worker is considered at the mercy of the whims of the employer.The implication in what Wallace is saying is that it flips that canada goose outlet niagara falls relationship on its head, giving the worker the power. I agree with him that a good thing. It turns the worker back into a canada goose outlet canada human being canada goose outlet online uk and not a cog in a machine. The owners like it because of what you said. Bad contracts come off the books sooner. No more Gilbert Arenas 6 year contracts. However they also don’t like it because of what you said. Good contracts come off the books sooner.This places more power in the hands of the players as they can hold front offices hostage canada goose outlet online store like Kyrie did to Cleveland or like Kawhi is doing to San Antonio. The final year of their contacts come up much sooner. If the extreme super team trend continues, small market franchises will not be able to survive. Big name stars will not want to play in Orlando, Milwaukee, Charlotte, etc. We very possibly could be in the closest thing the NBA can have to canada goose outlet in new york a “bubble”. Right now only having a few competitive teams is working canada goose kensington parka uk well, but if it current trend slopes further and the league gets entrenched in it, we could see the league slowly widdle down in franchises.For the record, I not at all saying this is going to happen or that I think it will. I just mean to be careful, player freedom is great, but don get carried away. In the 80 the Lakers and Celtics dominated. Then we got the Pistons for canada goose outlet uk fake a couple of years until the Bulls dominated the 90 The Lakers and Spurs were the best teams of the 00 Then we got the Heatles and Spurs and GSW for the past few years. There always only been a handful of teams that are true championship contenders each year. It the odd years when one of those preseason favorites doesn win it that we get the likes of the 2004 Pistons or 2011 Mavs.The idea that parity is at its worst now is overblown. So is the idea that superteams are a new idea. Kareem joined Magic, Rodman joined Jordan and Pippen, Barkley joined Olajuwon and Drexler, Shaq joined Wade, KG teamed up with Pierce and Allen. I mean, it certainly has been worse the past 10 years compared to the canada goose outlet store calgary 10 before it, but that wasn canada goose outlet online store review my argument. I was more just canada goose outlet kokemuksia saying be cautious because it seems a near sentiment at the moment that people think players should just be able to play wherever they want and we shouldn have maxes canada goose outlet buffalo for franchises salary total.

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